Your hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self love. - Adémola Mandella

Choosing which hair is right for you can be overwhelming if you’re not entirely sure what’s what. You may have come across non-specialists offering low grade and synthetic hair options that simply will not last and cannot guarantee the safety of your natural hair. These substandard options could never live up to what you deserve - beautiful hair you can rely on, be proud of, and love! If there’s one thing we will never compromise on at Just Hair Extensions, it’s quality.  Our hair is the highest grade of natural, human hair. Nothing more, nothing less. It lasts. It looks real. 


We have both Russian and European hair at our disposal. They are the Crème de la crème, renowned for their light weight versatility and the diverse range of colours they come in. They give both a soft and tender frame to the face. 


Russian hair lasts up to 12 months. 

Our top grade Russian hair is a silky, glossy supreme luxury. It is particularly appreciated by those with straight and fine hair because each strand blends in with your own hair so remarkably well for that perfect delicate finish. Genetics and a diet rich in nutrients contributes to this hair being of such superior quality. The hair extensions are lightened slowly and carefully to achieve an exact colour match to your hair whilst maintaining it's velvety softness.




European hair lasts between 6 - 7 months

Our beautiful European hair is an absolute dream to work with also. The colour variants it comes in removes any need for heavy and excessive bleaching. This hair is slightly more dense than Russian hair, and is a fantastic choice for people focusing on adding volume to their own hair.