hair extension method

Micro Ring

They have gained their popularity because of the easiness of use, re-usability, durability and discreetness. Micro Rings are safe, secure, durable and perfectly allergy free. There is no glue, no heat, no chemicals in the micro ring application method and therefore no damage to the hair at all! Micro Rings are applied mechanically, absolutely without any harm, they are made of copper with an anti-allergy coating. The maintenance and removal of micro rings is easy and can be done without chemicals or heat. If you wish to add some more volume or length, you can easily get additional strands added. You can safely style, blow dry, color or dye your micro ring extensions, they are neutral and durable.


hair extension method

Keratin Bonds

Keratin Bonds are pre-tipped pieced (dipped in a protein wax) hair that are used to extend the length of the hair. This method includes bonding the natural hair with the extensions by using a heated tool. This technique is recognized as the simplest extension technique .The number of tips applied are based on the overall desired look as well as texture, length and fullness of the clients natural hair.

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hair extension method


Tape-in is a form of hair extensions that are made of natural hair that actually get taped into your existing hair. – it’s about 1 inche wide with double sided medical tape. They are applied by placing one piece on a section of you natural hair. From there, we’ll pull the strand up, exposing the sticky side, and will place the second piece, to create a sandwich with your natural hair.

The tape system creates the most natural looking hair extension and it the safest and fastest method when used correctly.

Another plus to this method is a lot less attachment points putting less stress on the hair. They also sit completely flat to the head so you don’t feel them at all.