This method uses tiny undetectable rings to combine strands of your natural hair with that of the extension hair. The hair is sealed and locked into place mechanically, without the need for sewing, braiding, glue, chemicals or any adhesive, and is therefore an absolutely damage free application method. The removal process is equally as safe - the rings are simply squeezed open one by one and loosened from your hair. This also makes for easy adjusting or repositioning if desired. All modern micro rings are made with copper that has an anti-allergy coating. By way of maintenance (due to hair growth) every 3 months and a simple aftercare routine, micro ring hair extensions can be reused multiple times. What’s more, for those of you looking to get through that annoying in between stage of hair growth, your natural hair will grow alongside the extensions, all the while blending in seamlessly. Incredibly gentle, highly secure, comfortable and discreet - They will be your best kept secret!
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Simple, with consistently beautiful results, this application method uses keratin resin to fit loose hair into tiny moulded bonds which are carefully applied to your hair using a heated tool. Due to its particular versatility, this method is a very popular choice among those with finer hair and for those that are aiming to add more hair in prominent areas, like the fringe for example. Maintenance will take place every 3 to 4 months to ensure your natural hair stays in the best condition, as well as your hair extensions. No matter what your overall desired look, we can achieve it with the pre tipped keratin bond method - get them good hair day vibes!
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Tape in hair extensions are the source of much excitement among celebrities and industry professionals for countless reasons. Innovative, revolutionary and effortlessly flawless, they make for a quick, easy and rewarding salon service. Tape in hair extensions engage with your hair by way of neatly and comfortably sandwiching it between two small strips of light weight tape which are pressed together by hand without the need for heat or tools. The tapes are waterproof and incredibly strong, spaced out in a special section pattern around the head and lie completely flat to ensure freedom in wearing your hair up or down without anything on show. By way of maintenance (due to hair growth) every 3 months and a simple aftercare routine your tape in hair extensions can be reused multiple times. Good hair speaks louder than words, come and see for yourself!
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