Just Hair Extensions London is a specialised company that possess 10 years of experience in hair extensions. We pride ourselves on providing completely customised extensions to your desired style and, of course, your natural hair. Call Us Now or Contact us for FREE Consultation

We have a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy in the industry. We are known for using creative techniques and cutting-edge beauty expertise for creating naturally gorgeous looks. Our professional team is dedicated to giving exceptional services to their valued customers. Our attention to detail, a tailor-made approach to providing every customer with a dreamy, voluminous and natural looking hair texture makes us the most recommended saloon. The results of our hair extensions is a seamless finish as it will be impossible to tell where your hair ends and the extensions begin.

Also, when preparing the hair extensions, we use an attachment technique that does not use glues, heat, chemicals, sewing or braids. It means that there will be no damage to your natural hair. Call Us Now or Contact us for FREE Consultation

The method we use involves the combining of the strands of your hair with that of handmade extension. It is then sealed and locked into the place using tiny, undetectable rings. When you have to remove them, you just lose the lock, and the extensions slide out.

The hair extensions we provide are of 100% high quality that offers longer and fuller hair with the choice to style or dye your hair as you desire.

We always use unique designs on our products and make the application process easy, comfortable and effortless while giving you a completely natural look within minutes.